The Perception SaS Content Management System will revolutionise the way you manage and modify your content experience.

A Content Management System that puts you in control of the content, where its is shown, to who and when. With cross site postings, scheduled social feeds, freewall/paywall integration with the AMS, and statistical integration with the CRM provides you with the big picture of your readers interests without complicated and un-needed confusion.

Integrated Article & Image Editors , Newsletter Generation From Stories, Secure Authentication for User Roles and Fully Branded to your requirements.

Offering a state-of-the-art Content Management System that is fully customisable to your requirements and optimised for mobile and desktop systems.

Publish stories from anywhere, and add modules when you need, with the Perception SaS Content Management System. Our Publisher: CMS dovetails into the same database as your sales team and online audience, providing premium analytics on your readers, articles and advertisers.

The style of the system can be modified to complement your corporate identity, and our easy-to-use administrative cloud-based module enables the posting of images and content remotely and at any time, and to one or all your brands and sites.

Automatic social media posting allows you to prepare content in the background to be released to the relevant accounts as and when needed.






Manage your website pages (both simple and complex layouts) with our easy to use builder for all installed modules. Fully customisable and themed options to ensure that the site conforms to your corporate look and feel.


As part of Publisher::Suite fully integrated into Publisher::CRM (Sales) and Publisher::AMS (Audience) Management Systems. Publish your content over multiple sites from a central shared database. Less maintenance less repeating the same content.


A plethora of additional in-built modules are always being added and include; Form Builder, Survey Builder and Marketplace in the core version.


Designed to serve your content on all devices from mobile through to desktop version from a central editor.

We understand that not every publisher is the same, that’s why all of Perception SaS services are BESPOKE to our individual client needs – meaning value for money in only subscribing to the services that you require.

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