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Maximise your profits with
cloud-based publishing software
and a 'Single Customer View' 

We will help you maximise your profits by implementing affordable, fully customisable, client-led cloud publishing software.  You can then take control of ALL your data in a single platform, granting you the competitive edge you need to grow.

Audience bureau

No capacity to manage your audience circulation in house?  Why not let us manage it for you so you can focus on your core business?  We will bring all your data into single customer view and ensure your data is fully compliant with legislation and ready for audit

Audience management software

Are you frustrated knowing that your productivity is affected by your data being stored in different places?  Do you believe that your dream software solution is only an option for big companies?  We can streamline your data and pull it all into a single location, affordably.

Content management software

What if you could run all your on-line content from a single platform, bespoke to your business?  Think of how many hours  you could save each week?  Our CMS will revolutionize the way you manage and modify your content, including giving you the ability to build a CMS-led website.

Advertising sales management software

Are you fully in control of your sales process?  Can you effortlessly manage the whole life cycle of a sale from initial discussion right through to production and invoicing?  Outdated systems that don’t speak to each other will continue to stifle sales until you consolidate all your data.

Unlocking your profits with single customer view
person holding smartphone beside tablet computer
person holding smartphone beside tablet computer

We will put knowledge at the heart of your operation by bringing all your data together into single customer view, providing you with a complete overview of all your titles.

Our 3 software modules (Audience, Content & Sales) are fully integrated, so you can finally join all your data together and start generating the profits you deserve.

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Cloud-based publishing software

Publishing software for independent magazines

Perception SAS Ltd is a cloud-based publishing software company, based in East Sussex, specialising in providing affordable solutions for independent magazine owners.

The business was founded by Managing Director Andy Kirk and now with his son on board as Lead Software Developer, it is a firmly established family business.

Three decades of experience

two person shaking hands near white painted wall

Andy has 3 decades of experience in publishing software development behind him and has a deep understanding of the magazine world.

Having started in the publishing industry straight from college, he has worked for publishers of all sizes on both the supplier and publishing sides.

Case Studies

Client: Stable Publishing Ltd

The owners of Stable Publishing started with us as a Bureau client but now use our CMS and CRM software. Back in 2005 data was held in spreadsheets and paper format and their websites were built in Word Press which was blocking advertising opportunities. Find out how we helped…

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