Perception SaS - Cloud based software or subscription bureau services. You choose how to empower your sales, audience and content management and take your data to the next level.

We have been working within the publishing sector for over 25 years. At Perception SaS we understand the time and support that is needed to successfully managed your audience data. With our cloud based publishing services, you can take control your publishing business from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

Many publishers have data spread over a number of storage formats in a number of different locations. Knowing everything about your readers and delegates is paramount to maximising revenue from them. We are experts in bringing all of your data together into a Single Customer View.

Designed by publishers for publishers, and built in the UK, you can be sure that Perception SaS software contains the information required to streamline your business processes and ensure that everyone is on the same song sheet. Our in-depth expertise in subscription management – both free and paid – allows us to provide you and your audience with a first-class experience. With services designed by publishing professionals, we act as your complete circulation and customer service department.

Subscription Management Bureau

Advertisement Sales (CRM) Software

Audience Management (AMS) Software

Content Management (CMS) Software

Subscription Management Bureau

Cloud based software or subscription bureau services, you choose how to empower your sales, audience and content management and take your data to the next level.

A powerful marketing tool, data interrogation and reporting is at the forefront of our flexible software solution. Automation aids in the workflow process where possible, but only ever under your full control.

Our Full management and maintenance of your audience data - Automatic Renewals and Reminders Self-Management Portals - Client Portal providing dashboard statistics on your database - Fully Managed ABC and BPA audits - Embedded Email Marketing Provision - Powerful Data Extracts and Data Analysis to your requirements - Customer Service Team with dedicated Account Management.

Fully GDPR compliant service.

Advertisement Sales (CRM) Software

For your advertisement and exhibitor sales covering print, digital and events with support for production, and accounting roles built in.

Publisher::CRM fom Perception SaS keeps all of your contacts and orders in one place with the CRM designed to meet the requirements of the busy publishing sales office. Collaboration right from day one - Helping all your teams work together. With a complete Single Customer View of your sales client, put your team in total control of the sales process.

Embedded support for Print, Digital and Events with pipeline prospecting and electronic sales order signatures. In-built support for Production and Accounting roles, as well as Email Broadcasting increase productivity, streamline your work-flow and raise profits. Provided under subscription as Cloud Software, your sales contacts can be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week to any of your unlimited users.

Audience Management (AMS) Software

For your audience management needs, be they paid or free, printed or digital publication readers, exhibition attendees or event delegates.

Accuracy and knowledge - The two important aspects of your audience management system. Remain in control of your subscription and event delegate revenues with the Perception Sas Audience Management Software, build on experience. Find out everything about your subscriber through the Single Customer View.

Providing Big Data solutions to every publisher by ensuring that data is entered accurately, and then providing the analysis tools to leverage the data collected for maximum business advantage. Maximise your revenue by spotting the up-sell opportunities from the knowledge gained through the customer tracking.

Content Management (CMS) Software

For your content management including News Pages, Event Pages, Marketplace and online product directories.

Our content management system will revolutionise the way you manage and modify your content.

We can ensure you see immediately who reads your articles, and that you are offering content and advertisements tailor-made for each specific reader. The style of the system can be modified to compliment your corporate identity, and our easy-to-use administrative cloud-based module enables the posting of images and content remotely and at any time, and to one or all your brands and sites.

Automatic social media posting allows you to prepare content in the background to be released to the relevant accounts as and when needed.

We understand that not every publisher is the same, that’s why all of Perception SaS services are BESPOKE to our individual client needs – meaning value for money in only subscribing to the services that you require.

Stay in control of your data. Connect with us today for more information or to arrange demonstration.

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