Company Car Today Magazine and Perception SaS Partnership Puts Them In Top Gear

Posted by Donna Weller, 4th March 2019 at 2:38pm

A successful partnership between the owners of Company Car Today magazine and software developers Perception SaS has led to the publishers enjoying significant growth.

Now, a year after having a fully customisable publisher suite built to their own specification the publishers are working with Perception again to have a bespoke sales management package integrated into their current system.

Dave Wallace, managing director of Company Car Today and Company Van Today said: “As a growing publisher, a major challenge for us was finding a company that understood the challenges we face within our sector.  As with many publishers, we had data spread over a number of storage formats in a number of different locations. Designed by publishers for publishers and built in the UK, Perception SaS software contained all the elements we needed to streamline our data and business processes. Bringing all of this together into one system has shown us not only exactly what data we own and reduced duplication, but allowed us in-depth cross analysis to target specific areas to increase marketing ROI for both us and our advertisers. They were experts in bringing all of our data together, simply and efficiently, into a Single Customer View.

Dave added: “We are now working with a fully customisable publisher suite that is bespoke to our requirements and received a service from Andy and the team at Perception SaS that has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Company Car Today selected Perception SaS as their software partner prior to their launch in April 2017 after a selection process lasting several months.

An initial data list was created and Company Car Today went from 0 to 16,216 individually requested subscribers within the first few months - highlighting the importance of data management and data cleansing.

Since then, the publisher has seen significant growth and embarked on a journey to take their data to the next level.

Perception SaS have been able to unlock extra elements of their circulation control, CRM and marketing processes offering a fully joined up approach with a single customer view and the ability to understand their demographic better.

Andy Kirk, managing director of Perception SaS commented: “We understand that from a publisher's perspective, knowing everything about your readers and advertisers is paramount to maximising revenue from them.

“All of our software is highly configurable, meaning that from the core software we were able to effectively create bespoke software for Company Car Today that allows them to empower their sales, audience and content management and take their data to the next level.

“Working with Dave at Company Car Today has been fantastic. We now act as an extension of their business and believe that our personal approach to account management was, and is, pivotal to the success of this project.”  

After a successful year long partnership, Company Car Today have now tasked Perception SaS with configuring additional modules to the software to allow full integration with their accounts and other “business” back office systems.